5 Great Ideas for an Extreme and Unique Stag Weekend

Every man wants to have his one last crazy night before he finally ties the knot. Overflowing beers, overnight adventure, wild clubbing, extravagant betting at the casino, or a hot lap dance in an all-boys night out.
There’s just so many things you can do in a stag party.
The stag do, however, goes back much further than you’d expect. It’s rooted in ancient history — as early as the 5th century B.C. It is believed that the ancient Spartans were the first to make a celebration out of the groom’s last night as a single man.
Spartan soldiers held a dinner in their friend’s honour and made toasts on his behalf — with, one assumes, a Spartan sense of decorum. Since then, the events have generally grown more raucous.
In 1896, a stag party thrown by Herbert Barnum Seeley — a grandson of P.T. Barnum — for his brother was raided by police after rumours circulated that a famous belly dancer would be performing nude. Before his wedding to Gloria Hatrick, Jimmy Stewart’s infamous bash at the Beverly Hills hangout Chasen’s included midgets popping out of a serving dish.
The fun can get out of hand of hand like this, so if you are the one appointed to setup the whole stag weekend, plan properly, control as much as you can, but don’t lose the excitement too.
The fun can get out of hand of hand like this, so if you are the one appointed to setup the whole stag weekend, plan properly, control as much as you can, but don’t lose the excitement too.

Best Stag Do Ideas

Are you given the honour to be someone’s best man but you don’t think you have a fun side in you to pull a stag night?

Lucky you! The Best Stag Hen is here to help you organise a fun and thrilling stag party for you. You can choose from a wild club night, escape room activities, poker nights, bubble football, adventure games, and so much more that you can check out on our Best Stag Hen page. We’ll help you gift your best bud the party he deserves before he gets tied down to marriage life.

We can help you create your own stag party activities in Inverness and Aberdeen. To give you an idea of what you can put together for one last night as free bucks and be hailed as the best wingman, we made a rundown of the best stag party activities:

1. Extreme Stag Weekend Adventure

If you are looking to get the adrenaline flowing before you head out on the town, this is the perfect choice for your stag group. Choose from a range of activities that include obstacle courses, high ropes, archery, clay pigeon shooting, off road buggies, rafting, zip lines and even back to basics caveman hunting! These weekends are guaranteed banter and are great for some serious lad bonding as you all rally together to complete tasks.

2. Paintballing and Airsoft

One of the toys of big boys are guns. But let’s be wholesome and safe and stick to paintball and airsoft. These are some of the best activities if you want a Call of Duty type of thrill. Grab your military gears and guns and be ready to take down the enemy side.

3. Zorbing and Bubble Football

Ever tried treading across water, rolling down a hillside or playing footie while inside a giant bubble? No? Well then you have to try out zorbing and bubble football! This fun activity involves each player getting inside a bubble or bubble suit which restricts movement and balance while afloat on water, rolling down a hill at top speed or playing a game of football.

4. Go on a Roadtrip

For smaller stag party groups why not go camping or roadtrip? We even have our services where our drivers can transport you to some great Scottish spots.
Think trad sessions in local pubs, fun scavenger and treasure hunts, visits to local distilleries and a few touristy spots for good measure. You can even bring the girls along and do a sten or hag weekend party.

5. Golfing in Inverness or Aberdeen

We live in the home of golf so what can be a better sporting activity than our very own national sport?
Show off your best skills out on the green and finishing up with a toast to the groom on the 18th hole. Golf is a great activity for all age groups and is a perfectly chilled activity if there are a few fuzzy heads from the night before!

6. Casino Night

All the fun of Sin City without the trip to Vegas! Play poker, black jack or roulette, or the addicting slot machines. A casino night with the lads allows you to gamble for cold hard cash complete with a drink in hand.
Ready for the best stag party you’ll be in to? Book with us today.


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