8 Best Hen Do Party Games for Every Bride and Her Girls

Your Hen Party could be the last time you can have a crazy night with your girl friends so why not up the fun and have some crazy hen do party games to keep the night livelier.
A hen weekend isn’t complete without some brilliant hen party games. But when you’ve got a mixed group of all the bride’s friends, it can sometimes be difficult to get conversation going and games in full swing.
Not sure what games will really break the ice and have everyone engaging and enjoying?
We’ve rounded up fun party game ideas that you can try in your own party. Whether it’s a drinking game, fun challenges or something completely unique, there’s hen do games for every occasion.
Even the most party-pooping guest won’t resist these games:

1. Beer Pongs for the Boys but Gin and Prosecco Pong for the Hens

A lot of ladies are gin and prosecco lovers. So for all the strong lady drinkers, these hen party games are for you. For the ultimate makeover to the classic beer pong game, gin fans can find gin pong kits on online shops. Presco pong kits are also for sale online.
Hens are bound to love this as a way to get the party started and it’s a great way to get a little light-hearted competition in to your evening! Although might we suggest adding gin and tonic rather than straight gin to the cups?!

2. Advice Cards for Married Life

Most of the hens re either married or still single at this point, but ask everyone to write crazy advice for married couples (don’t skip the sex part too). The bride reads each card aloud for the whole group to hear then everyone can make a guess who gave the advice.
Most girls enjoy this as they can tease the adviser about the tip she writes down. There are advice cards available online for this kind of game too, but if you want to make it more creative and personal, then you can just design your own.

3. Who’s Who

Most girls enjoy this as they can tease the adviser about the tip she writes down. There are advice cards available online for this kind of game too, but if you want to make it more creative and personal, then you can just design your own.
Test the bride if she knows everyone in her bride squad. Ask all the hens to write down a fact about themselves on a post-it note. It can be fund memories too like “we stole your mom’s underwear in grade 6” or “we tricked our boyfriends that we’re sick so we can go shopping together.” Think of the naughtiest moments you spent with the bride as it will be really interesting to go back to those days before she enters a secluded married life!
A cute way of doing this is having her match up the post-it note fact with a polaroid photo of the hen. Then you can see which fact she has attributed to who, before the hens reveal the truth!

4. Reveals About the Bride

Ask each hen to write down (anonymously) on a slip of paper about a secret they share with the bride. But don’t reveal the darkest secrets and break your friendship.
Come up with something creative and something funny. Fill the night with laughter’s with these reveals. The bride has to read them out and guess who wrote it. This is a great way to involve the bride in the ice breaking and allows people to find out more about her from her friends’ perspectives.

5. Get Everyone High with Cocktails in a Cocktail Quiz

Kick off your night with some cheeky cocktails and test your hens with their knowledge of these naughty cocktail names. It’s even more fun if you don’t know the answers as there’ll be some spectacular guesses that you can tease your hens about for years to come.
If everyone’s having their own little groups, talking about something else, get their attention with this game. Order a couple of shots from the bar and base the game with what they serve. Every wrong guess will make them face a consequence that the bride will dictate.

6. Hen Party Dares

If you’re going out, add extra fun to the evening and a competitive edge with some dares. Some of the dares you can try are:
  • Swapsies – Exchange a piece of clothing with a man.
  • Can’t Say No – For the next 30 minutes you cannot say “No” to anything.
  • Bar-ly know him! – Kiss a barman.
  • Blow It – Blow a kiss to a random stranger across the room.

7. Nail Polish or Porn Film?

Surprisingly, nail polishes these days are named like porn film titles too! Divide everyone up in small groups and read out a list of names which everyone has to guess if they are nail varnish names or the titles of *ahem* adult films. The team to get the most right wins.

8. Never Have I Ever

This classic drinking game was pretty much made for hen parties and it’s a great way to find out some more funny things about the other hens. Naughty hen do games always go down a treat in our experience! So be ready to share something unexpectedly funny or embarrassing with the other hens.
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